Angie McMullan

The future of makeup! 3 Dimensional coverage, perfect for all ages but especially mature ladies.

Affordably priced and high quality products. Mascaras, long-lasting matte lippies, BB Creams, and more.

Creams don’t settle in fine lines and wrinkles. It moves with your skin and gives you the most natural and radiant look.

Skincare perfection! Serums, exfoliators, and more.

Everyone is different and your colors are customized just for YOU, your skin tones, your needs/wants, and your budget.

About Me....

I’m a wife, a Mom, a Grandma, an animal lover and i live in florence, alabama.

i’m retired from state government after 32 years, and now absolutely love being an independent artist with seint beauty. i also partner with celesty beauty products and pomifera.

in case you couldn’t tell, my favorite place is yellowstone national park and the photos you see here are from one of my annual visits. if you’re a lover of wildlife, i encourage you to make that trip! it’ll be a memory you will cherish, i assure you.

this site is a way for me to put all the things i love in one spot, hopefully making it easier for my customers and future customers to find easily what they need.

Seint Beauty

There are a couple of options when you’re ready to get started with Seint.. I recommend everyone get a custom color match to be sure your shades are going to work perfectly for you. That’s my job! All you have to do is answer a few easy questions, designed to help me serve you better, and upload your makeup free selfie.

If you are super busy and just don’t want to take the time to submit a color match form, you can actually match yourself. How does that work? Keep reading.

Seint has pre-built collections of the IIID Foundation that come in size 4, 8 and 12. They are based off of 8 different skin tone levels. To match yourself, you can go to the Seint website, navigate to the “Collections” and select the size collection you’re interested in. Then, click on “FIND MY SHADE” . You will then see 8 different levels with images representing each. Simply take your makeup-free selfie you’ve taken and compare to those photos. Identify the one that’s closest to your skin tone, and that will be the Level you select. Easy peazy. Bonus: the pre-built collections will actually save you a little $.

If you aren’t sure which to choose, I’m always happy to help you make the right choice for your skin tone.




Seint Creme

Celesty Beauty

Our formulas are created in the US by some of the best chemists in the beauty business. But all of our products are produced in Turkey, with EU (European Union) strict guidelines. The EU has over 1300 banned cosmetic ingredients–the US FDA, only 30.

Too Many to List Faves!


Hair Products

Long Lasting Lippies

BB Creams


and More!



Products that are simply-formulated, honestly produced and humbly packaged, The benefits and uses of Pomifera Oil have been rapidly spreading around the globe.

Favorite Pomifera Products

Restore Exfoliator is the absolute best I’ve used. Your skin will be silky smooth!.

The Power of Three